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Bulletproof College Planning Services 

Planning for success starts here. We can help you get your family ready for college.

About Us


At Bulletproof College Planning Services, we see firsthand how important financial planning can be to our children's future. Envision a future where all those who need a little extra help creating a financial plan are able to receive it from us that a little help goes a really long way when it comes to the lives of our youth — 

Join our countless and growing list of families that believe we offer the highest-ranking solutions toward saving the most money for top colleges. Higher education is one of the greatest expenses toward giving our children the best possible future and a cost that is expected to continue to rise. Bulletproof College Planning Services empowers families with options and opportunities that are commonly overlooked or require additional support and guidance to take advantage of.


The strategies are tested and successfully implemented every day with more than years of success for families just like yours! The perfect time to start planning is NOW, and working with Bulletproof College Planning Services can save you thousands of dollars - we think are better spent on family goals, vacations, and memories. Connect with us today and start making your savings work for you today and every day after. 

You've worked so hard this far. Get help planning for what has yet to come.

College Student

Thanks to excellent planning, I was able to be on the right path from the start.

Happy Couple

We went on vacation feeling secure, knowing our daughter's education was financed and planned for perfectly!

Female Student

I was able to get into the college of my dreams while prioritizing my financial goals!

Lunch Date

I will graduate with a manageable post-college budget. That is a great relief for me. - Thank you.  

Tutor and Student

I'm in my second year and already investing in my financial portfolio-  Get support when you need it -at the beginning. 

Mature Woman

For me, it was everything knowing my grandson's future was planned and supported. 

Oh, the life your Student will lead and the accomplishments they will achieve. 

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